“A brilliant voice, full of expressiveness”

Hans-Leo Recker, german journalist .


I thank you for your interest in my activities and accomplishments. Music is for me a source of inspiration and happiness. While I am singing, acting, teaching or creating and developing cultural or educational projects which unify various artforms, I feel I am offering my best quailties to the audience. I am actively involved in developing and performing in the “Horizonte-Trio” or the “Prates-Rein-Quiz” together with my partner, the violinist Michael Rein.

This website is interactive. You may or may not already know my activities, but feel free to write down your suggestions and your opinion about what you have read. Have fun!

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Francisco Willy Ulhoa Schmidt
Augusto Diniz de Ulhoa Cintra Schmidt
Michael Rein
Bud Fenker
Corina Liefers

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